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Why Mindful Movement for Kids? 

IT'S FUN! Research suggests that children learn and retain more information if taught through play.

Improves balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, & and endurance

Improves immune system functioning 

Can improve a child’s overall mental and physical health


Manages stress/anxiety and helps regulate emotions

Resets the nervous system

Improves body awareness

Improve focus, self-esteem, and classroom behavior

Through movement, games, mindfulness activities, songs, stories, crafts, and props, we promote relaxation, self control, along with strength, flexibility, and coordination. This program promotes confidence and self esteem while learning to respect others. 


     Youth in this program are often not even aware of their plan of care. They are simply engaged in one-on-one equine-assisted activities or group activities that are fun, challenging, and help build skills and self-knowledge that can assist them for the rest of life.

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