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One-On-One - An individualized plan of care that focuses on life skills specific to each child's needs 


Group Sessions - In groups or families 

There are many different life skills children/teens can work on, but these are the 5 basic areas of life skills that are relevant across cultures:


           1. Coping with emotions and coping with stress

          2. Decision making and problem solving

          3. Creative thinking and critical thinking

          4. Communication and interpersonal skills

          5. Self-awareness and empathy


Teaching our youth how to communicate with their horse through body language, energy and pressure lets them develop a greater capacity for empathy, social and self-awareness. As these youth get comfortable in their routine with their horse, their willingness to apply themselves improves.

This success eventually translates to home, school and community settings.

Disclaimer: EAL is not a substitute for therapy.

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