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        One hour tailored for you based on your

        needs discussed in your free first session. 

        Exercises, practices, and meditations to

        reduce anxiety, improve self

        confidence, facilitate decision making,

        grounding and centering, etc... 

        For children and adults ages 6+


Horse-Powered Reading 

        Integrates social - emotional learning with               academics

        Students will interact with a horse from the

        ground, while using toys and props to identify
        obstacles and learn five critical reading skills -

        phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, 

        fluency and comprehension during an

        individualized session.  


        Helps children:

               *increase confidence

               *promote self-efficacy

               *foster connections

               *learn valuable reading skills

               *carry new skills into the regular



Horse-Powered Math


        Horse-Powered Math is the same principle as         Horse-Powered Reading.  The goal is to                 provide hands-on experiential activities. 


        Done on the ground using various toys and             props to visualize individual learning                       obstacles and to help develop the math skills         your child needs.


Horsin Around Fun Days

        One hour sessions to bond with a horse

        through grooming, activities, and games.  

        Ages 6+

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Parent/Child Quality Time


        One hour sessions provide an opportunity for family members to spend time together.         in nature, while learning about horses.

        Ages 6+


Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for therapy.