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My name is Claudia, your Certified Equine Assisted Coach!

I have two beautiful children with my high school sweetheart of 38 years. I was fortunate enough to be a stay-at home Mom and loved it tremendously.  After my children went to college and had their own lives, I needed to do something “just for me."

As part of my self care journey, I began volunteering at a horse farm and found it to be grounding and fulfilling. My renewed sense of inner peace and connectedness inspired me to take natural horsemanship lessons. It was during this time that I fell in love with horses and moved on to teaching others. 


I saw a pattern of pre-teen and teenage girls with anxiety issues coming in each week for lessons and witnessed how powerful working with horses was for them.

I remember being a teen; it's difficult. 


With peer pressure, bullying, and constant stress to fit in, anxieties can quickly manifest. A 2016 National Survey of Children’s Health showed 7% of youth’s  ages 3 to 17 had anxiety conditions. With cyber bullying and the pandemic, this number is on the rise.


Equine Assisted Coaching has allowed me to combine helping others reconnect with their authentic selves and my love for animals. I am grateful for the path that helped me to recognize my purpose in working with horses and healing, and I am filled with excitement for the adventures and many meaningful moments to come!



Equine Assisted Coaching

Professional Life Coaching

Cancer Coaching

Clinical Aromatherapy 

Humans & Animals

Healing Touch Practitioner

Humans & Animals

Reiki Master

Humans & Animals

Life In Joy Children's Yoga Instructor 



Natural Lifemanship – Level 1


Horse Powered Reading and Math

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